Monday, 28 May 2018  
Indiana puts Donald Trump’s evangelical support to test

INDIANAPOLIS (Reuters) - Donald Trump's success in the race for the White House may well depend on the support of Republican evangelicals suspicious of the front-runner's more liberal side as he discloses his social views.

The Man Made to Put Trump in the White House

, Slate
Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump’s palace, is impressive by the standards of Palm Beach—less so when judged against the abodes of the world’s autocrats. It doesn’t, for instance, quite compare with Mezhyhirya, the gilded estate of deposed Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovych. Trump may have 33 bathrooms and three bomb shelters, but his mansion lacks a herd of ostrich, a galleon parked in a pond, and a set of golden golf clubs. Yet the two properties are linked, not just in ostentatious spirit, but by the presence of one man. Trump and Yanukovych have shared the same political...


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